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July 21, 2008


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Josh Klein

I think "price" should reflect the cost of the time it takes to pay attention to your social media content. People are busier than ever, and have more crap flying at them from all directions than ever.

It costs something to pay attention!


Thanks Josh for your comment! I agree with you, content consumption is time consuming, and we pay with out time to read, comment, vote or view... so true.

Also worth mentioning is the amount of time we put into creating the content. There needs to be a balance between quality and quantity. I mean, to waist a huge budget on producing a mega video and then uploading it to YouTube to have only a mere few view you, is not very cost effective. It seems wiser to produce 5 videos under the same budget and gain a better chance of social media exposure than from only one. Quality should be weighed against the time, energy and resources invested. Still, quality control and standards need not be ignored, and so balancing the two is the key effort.

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